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Optimised Operations
Our Approach

"A chain is no stronger
than its weakest link..."

Services - Optimised Operations Ltd provides:
  • Wide range of operations management consultancy services which are focussed on delivering rapid benefits to the bottom-line.
  • Experienced consultants with a depth of knowledge spanning over many industry sectors Innovative and flexible solutions which can be customised to meet the precise needs of each individual assignment
  • Extensive knowledge of integrated and tiered supply.chain restructuring solutions capability in all phases.of Lean & operations improvement programmes,.from idea generation to implementation Total technical and financial support for factory.design & layout, site strategy and site.selection projects
  • Operations due diligence and operations.diagnostics to assist financial services,.investment banking and venture.capital companies with mergers.and acquisitions
  • Traditionally companies have concentrated their efforts on improving efficiency, either through shopfloor improvements or by the introduction of new systems and technology. While this certainly moves someway towards providing tangible benefits, it is limited by its narrow focus.
  • Today the production or service element of a company’s activities may only be a small fraction of the total cost of business, being dwarfed by either the cost of materials or the overhead support activities. Additionally, some companies introduce costly ERP systems and then attempt to “re-engineer” the company’s processes to make it fit the “vanilla” package - sometimes destroying years of work developing effective and efficient processes which successfully deliver value to its clients/customers and hence to its own profitability.
  • For a company to realise its full potential it needs to align, balance and optimise all the core elements of the business. Before we offer any advise or solutions, we work closely with our clients to develop a deep understanding with regard to their products, processes, organisation, technology and external environment. Optimised Operations Ltd have the people, experience and know-how to assist companies in identifying their own unique operation improvement solutions in order to fully optimise their business
Optimised Operations employ a number of flexible approaches dependent upon the size, speed and complexity of the client