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IKS – Integrated Kanban System Software for Lean Manufacturing
Improve Delivery Performance
Minimise Inventory
Increase Productivity

How you benefit from IKS
IKS enables you to quickly and easily benefit from the wide scale application of Kanban systems throughout your supply chain and internal operations. Delivery performance is improved and simultaneously inventory levels are reduced. Productivity in purchasing, procurement, planning and scheduling is significantly improved. Continuous performance improvement and adaptation to changing market situations are made possible by the improved inventory transparency and accuracy given by IKS.

Key figures from a typical IKS user:
Inventory: Turns > 25
Delivery: > 98% on time
Productivity: A company with over 5000 active part numbers, sourced from 300 internal & external suppliers, processing 1000 transactions daily..The tasks of purchasing, procurement planning and scheduling are handled by a total of 3 employees.

Kanban - More efficient, more transparent and much easier with IKS

Kanban Basics
Kanban is one of the key elements of lean manufacturing. It controls activities throughout the supply chain by allowing users to signal their actual requirements to their suppliers. In this way the activities are synchronized and only items which are required are produced – inventory is minimized and delivery performance improved. Traditional Kanban systems normally use cards as signals (Kanban is the Japanese word for card). Kanban was originally implemented in the automotive industry but has since been adopted in many other industries throughout the world.
One paradigm of traditional manufacturing is that inventory is required “in case something happens”. However, Kanban systems operate with a minimum of inventory which focuses attention on solving operational problems which “could happen”, such as equipment break-downs, set-up times, scrap, rework, poor supplier performance etc.

What is IKS? - Integrated Kanban System
IKS is an advanced, easy to use software package which enables the fast, efficient and successful implementation of complex Kanban systems throughout the supply chain. IKS supports Kanban users at all levels - from system design and maintenance to daily management and control. Whilst retaining all the advantages of manual Kanban systems, IKS offers significantly more benefits such as integration with existing systems, historic data analysis, adjustment to demand changes, early warning and many more.

Why IKS?
MRP systems are best used for planning mid to long term material requirements. Attempts to use MRP systems to push products through your supply chain and internal operations lead to unsynchronized activities where inventory accumulates at every step and delivery performance deteriorates. This occurs because no matter how well you plan, the schedule is out of date immediately after you release it. Unplanned occurrences such as customers changing orders at the last minute, equipment breakdowns or absent employees make the original plan unachievable and activities throughout the supply chain become unsynchronized.

Lean manufacturing Kanban systems are complementary to MRP based planning - they allow the MRP to forecast, schedule and order, but execution of the final call-off is by a Kanban signal. This is called a hybrid push/pull mechanism. Products are produced according to the actual requirements of the next process, not according to a plan, with immediate feedback to the MRP system.

Whilst manual Kanban systems fulfill one of the imperatives of lean manufacturing – “keep it simple” they have disadvantages in several situations - These disadvantages are eliminated by implementing IKS

Technical Data:
IKS is modular:
Lean cost-effective software with core modules and optional add-ons.
Core Modules:
Kanban Manager.Barcode Manager.Integration Manager

Kanban Board.Early Warning System.Diagnostic Module.Demand Manager.Visual Plant.Kanban
Simulation.Capacity Module

IKS databases:
MS Access 2000.Oracle
Operating systems:
Windows XP, Windows 2000

IKS is easy:
Windows-based, simple installation, minimal training required.