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Optimised Operations
Operations Due Diligence
& Diagnostics
Where a focussed effort is required to significantly improve performance, Optimised Operations use a simple diagnostic and improvement tool called the 432 after the process it uses: 4 week exercise, 3 objectives, led and facilitated by 2 experienced consultants.
  • Diagnostic & Training Starting with a full diagnostic review considering the 5Ps (Product, Process, People, Plant (IT, Facilities, Tools & Equipment) and Performance Measures. Followed by a rapid 3 day Lean (Optimised) training course
  • Identifying Quick Wins & Implement Quick wins during the lean diagnostic phase motivates the plant team and gives a high level of credibility to the lean deployment project - Quick win opportunities typically realise benefits in the quarter they are implemented
  • Lean Project Business Cases Longer term opportunities are identified and Cost/Benefit analysis is conducted to provide a total overview of improvements through a Lean/Six Sigma programme
Due Diligence:
  • No acquisitive company can afford to get a target due diligence wrong. Get it right and not only will you buy a successful business proposition but you may even buy it at a substantially reduced price.
  • More and more financial institutions, venture capital groups and auditors are realising that the traditional financial due diligence is not as robust and rigorous as necessary and requires a competent operations due diligence to support the numbers
  • Optimised Operations use a tried and tested operations due diligence process based on its 5P methodology: Product, Process, People, Plant (Equipment, Facilities and Technology) and Performance Measures. The operations due diligences are conducted at various levels dependent upon the size, location and nature of the target company, in addition to considering the time constraints of the total due diligence process and timetable.
  • A rigorous operations due diligence can literally save a bidder millions in either buying price or by the identification of improvement opportunities which may be missed by traditional assessment and valuation of a target.