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Optimised Operations
Interim Management
Unlike many of the larger consultancies, all Optimised Operations consultants are seasoned professionals with many year of experience in a variety of industries, having held director or senior managerial line roles, responsible for man management and the achievement of challenging targets. Whether the need is for short term cover or placement for an extended period, with executive responsibility, we can support your operation until you have selected the best permanent person for the role.

We know that in many cases your organisation maybe results driven and rewarded and in a number of our interim assignments we have been too. If appropriate, we can offset the daily rate of our staff by staged results based bonuses. This may be beneficial if for instance, the interim manager is brought in to achieve end of year results or to ensure the delivery of a major IT or Capital Project.

If you would like to discuss opportunities to assign an interim manager, we will arrange for one of our professionals with experience in your industry to meet with you. The meeting will allow you to access the capabilities of the individual and understand the strong work ethics and depth of knowledge that Optimised Operations professionals have.